V-Day "kissing" on the winding line at ASIPP

The winding line for ITER’s correction coils  located at the Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP) in Hefei, China has been busy these days with commissioning tests. Commissioning for this 44-metre-long, 15-metre-wide, 4-metre-high winding line began in July 2012.

Part of the commissioning process includes the winding of two 2×2 turn coils, one bottom-type correction coil and one side-type correction coil. On 23 August, the winding of the 2×2 turn bottom correction coil was completed and the coil was moved to the table for temporary storage.

The winding mould for ITER correction coils, assembled in three parts, was designed by ASIPP supplier JUNENG. The mould is aligned with structural adjustments built into the winding table that were made by ASIPP supplier KEYE Company.  The two side winding mould extensions are not needed to create the BCC coils.

In preparation for the next stage of commissioning—winding the larger side-type correction coil, the winding mould extensions were "kissed" together on 24 August, which is only one day later than the Chinese Valentine’s Day (7 July on the lunar calendar). Over the next few days the mould will be measured and any necessary adjustments made; it will then be ready for the  winding of a 2×2 turn side correction coil.

Both suppliers have been able to successfully coordinate with ASIPP and with one another, delivering quality work as well as expertise  to the winding line.

With the winding of the 2×2 turn bottom correction coil complete, ASIPP has achieved an important commissioning milestone. It hopes to complete the 2×2 turn side correction coil commissioning test in September, thereby laying a solid foundation for the winding qualification.