OF INTEREST: Russian suppliers pass ITER quality audit

For one week at the end of June, a representative of the ITER quality assurance team inspected a number of Russian industries for compliance with the quality system requirements of the ITER Organization.


These companies are producing hardware in the framework of Russia’s commitments to ITER’s in-kind procurement program, which distributes the manufacturing of ITER components and systems among the seven ITER Members.


The industries inspected—the Dollezhal Institute (Moscow), the Efremov Institute (St. Petersburg), JSC Energopul (Moscow), Fusion Centre (Moscow), and CJSC RTSoft (Moscow)—are responsible for the development and procurement of switching networks and fast distribution units, DC busbars and instrumentation; the blanket first wall; the electron cyclotron radio frequency gyrotrons; blanket module connections; and diagnostic systems and port plug integration. The Russian Domestic Agency was also inspected for its compliance to quality systems requirements.


The final report highlighted compliance with ITER Organization requirements and identified a number of 'good practices’ at the industries inspected.