OF INTEREST: Rob Goldston among Foreign Policy magazine’s 100 top global thinkers

​Editors of Foreign Policy magazine have named fusion physicist Rob Goldston, a Princeton University professor of astrophysical sciences and former director of PPPL, to its list of  '100 Leading Global Thinkers of 2014.’ The recognition, made Nov. 17 at a celebration in Washington, D.C., honored Goldston for his contributions to the field of nuclear arms control.

Founded in 1970, Foreign Policy magazine focuses on global affairs, current events and domestic and international affairs. It produces daily content on its website, ForeignPolicy.com and publishes six print issues annually.

Named with Goldston were Princeton physicist Alex Glaser and Boaz Barak of Microsoft Research New England. The researchers have designed a novel process called a 'zero-knowledge protocol’ for verifying that nuclear weapons to be dismantled or removed from deployment contain true warheads. Goldston and Glaser are developing a prototype system at PPPL that will test the idea by beaming neutrons at a non-nuclear test object.


Photo: Alex Glaser, left, and Rob Goldston, seen here with a non-nuclear test object.


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