OF INTEREST: ITER’s Arnaud Devred receives IEEE award

On 11 August, during the opening session of this year’s Applied Superconductivity Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina (US), ITER’s Arnaud Devred received the IEEE award 'for continuing and significant contributions in the field of applied superconductivity.’

The prestigious prize delivered by the IEEE Council on Applied Superconductivity was awarded for his 'many and significant contributions to the field of large scale applications.’ 
’I am indebted to many people, who have inspired me and made me the person I am today,’ said the head of the ITER Superconductor Systems & Auxiliaries Section in his acceptance speech. 'One of my greatest privileges—and rewards—is that throughout my carrier I have been able to meet and work with great people. First in Europe, then in the US and Japan, and now from all around the world. Therefore, I would like to share this award with my numerous collaborators in China, Europe, Japan, Korea, Russia and the United States, and, in these times of heightened political tensions, it is my wish that we can keep working together in the same open and peaceful manner—our little contribution to making the world a better place to be.’