OF INTEREST: ITER Russia opens its doors to young researchers

For the third consecutive year, young scientists involved with ITER Project implementation from Russia’s major research centres were invited to the Russian Domestic Agency in the framework of the 57th Scientific Conference of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).

Academician Evgeny Velikhov, ITER Council member and president of the Kurchatov Institute, gave the opening, stressing that 'ITER is not only a scientific facility; it is also a technological platform that will provide the basis for fusion energy in the future.’

Participants heard reports on R&D and manufacturing progress for ITER key components, including diagnostic systems (Budker Institute, Novosibirsk; MIPT, Dolgoprudnyj; TRINITI, Troitsk; Kurchatov Institute, Moscow), blanket modules (Efremov Institute, Saint Petersburg; Dollezhal Institute, Moscow), and high-temperature testing of in-vessel components (Efremov Institute, Saint Petersburg; MEPhI, Moscow).

Evgeny Velikhov concluded the conference by expressing confidence that 'sooner or later humanity will certainly come to fusion.’