OF INTEREST: EUR 283 million contract to operate JET

A major EUR 283 million contract has been signed between the European Commission and the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE) that enables CCFE to continue to operate JETfor use by the EUROfusion consortium of European fusion research laboratoriesuntil the end of 2018.

CCFE has been operating JET, Europe’s largest fusion energy experiment, for fusion scientists around the continent since 2000. But the new agreement represents the largest-ever single contract to be awarded to CCFE and gives Culham and the European fusion program unprecedented security of funding for five years. This enables future experimental programs and further upgrades to JET to be planned with confidence and secures its position as a science and engineering test bed for its international successor ITER, under construction in France.

CCFE Director Steve Cowley is delighted with the agreement on the contract: 'This is great news for the highly-skilled CCFE staff who work on JET and for the European fusion program. We are determined to make the most of this investment and push JET towards ever-improving performance in the years to come.’
— Nick Holloway
Source: Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE)
See also "JET operation secured until 2018" on the EFDA/JET website.