OF INTEREST: Agence Iter France director to co-preside Eurofusion

​Director of Agence Iter France, former director of JET (2000-2006) and former head of the European Fusion Development Agreement EFDA (2006-2009), Jérôme Pamela was recently appointed co-president of Eurofusion.

The new consortium, which succeeds EFDA, is the answer of the European fusion community to the new challenges of the 'ITER era.’ It aims at streamlining the fusion programs of the European laboratories and installations in order to contribute to ITER with maximum efficiency.
’We also have to prepare for DEMO, the 'demonstration installation’ that will come after ITER,’ explains Jérôme Pamela,  "and to train a new generation of physicists who will operate ITER and build DEMO.’
Jérôme will be co-presiding Eurofusion alongside Sybille Günter, director of the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, IPP Garching.
Photo © AIF – V. Paul