OF INTEREST: A letter from DG Motojima on the meeting of the 14th ITER Council

​Since 1985, when the ITER project was given a decisive political initiative, the world has experienced many crises.

As a long-term international project, aimed at providing mankind with a safe and unlimited energy source, ITER has made it a rule to keep away from the world’s political and diplomatic discussions.
It is ITER’s philosophy that the project should not be impacted by situations or events developing outside its direct area of competence.
In the present context, it is very important that the Fourteenth Meeting of the ITER Council convenes as planned on 18-19 June.
In the attached letter, sent to the Heads of Delegations of the seven ITER Members, ITER Director-General Osamu Motojima voices his concern about the current international situation 'and its possible political impact on the ITER project’.

He asks ’all the Members to make every effort in convening the Fourteenth Meeting of the ITER Council’, assuring that IO will provide 'any logistics support necessary’ for the organization of the meeting.