NEWSLINE: Hwaiting! Korea Day a hit with ITER staff

With the smell of sesame oil and soy sauce in the air, the ITER Korea Day delivered on a promise of good food and fun activities. Korea Day took place on 21 March at the ITER Headquarters to much success.

The Korea Day menu included specialties such as bulgogi (marinated Korean beef), Korean pancakes and Korean sushi. Korean opera singer Lee Hae Gee from Le Conservatoire National de Région Pierre Barbizet (Marseille) entertained the lunch crowd with traditional Korean songs.

After lunch, Korean staff members set up a game centre in the lobby, where people were invited to participate in traditional Korean games such as Tuho, Yut Nori, and Jegichagi. These games date back hundreds of years and while the folk beliefs at their origin are less pertinent in our modern times, these games are still played in Korea, especially during New Year’s celebrations and family gatherings.

The event was organized with help from the Korean Domestic Agency and the Korea National Tourism Organization (KNTO), which provided additional support with game prizes and Korean tourist guides.

You can find additional photos here.