NEWSLINE: A bright future in fusion

Monday 25 August saw the award of the very first diploma of the new fusion master’s program at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). The proud recipient was Kevin Verhaegh.
Launched in 2012, Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion is two-year, full-time interdisciplinary program entirely dedicated to nuclear fusion energy, combining elements from applied physics, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. The program was initiated with the aim of training a new generation of fusion scientists and engineers—the generation that will build, run and exploit ITER and contemporary machines worldwide and also design and build DEMO.
The international character of fusion research and the work in interdisciplinary groups are important in the program, as are the socio-economic aspects of fusion energy. The program fulfils all criteria for the European MSc Fusion Certificate, which has been established by European fusion scientists under the coordination of FuseNet.
Kevin is the first student to have completed this dedicated master’s program at the Eindhoven University of Technology. In the course of his studies, Kevin benefitted from internships at JET and the European Domestic Agency for ITER, Fusion for Energy. His graduation research was on the exotic 'cluster fusion’ phenomenon: fusion reactions induced by the interaction of a femto-second laser pulse with tiny droplets of deuterium and tritium. He will now continue his research in fusion with PhD study in York, England and Lausanne, Switzerland.
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