Managing construction works from the Contractors Area

In the latest video released by the European Domestic Agency for ITER, we tour the area of the ITER worksite—the CA2 (for Contractors Area 2)—that will be host to all of the construction companies or consortiums that have been awarded building or power supply installation contracts.

In this 3,500-square-metre zone on the southwest corner of the platform, individual lots have been allocated to the companies for offices, workshops, equipment storage and comfort facilities. The VFR consortium already occupies a three-storey office building—its „command centre” for managing the construction of the Tokamak Complex plus eight other auxiliary buildings including the Assembly Building, whose walls will begin to rise in May/June of this year. Other companies will be moving in soon to create their office complexes.

The CA2 area is also host to a worksite canteen with a capacity to serve 1,500 meals per day, an onsite infirmary that is open 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and offices for the Architect/Engineer ENGAGE and health and safety protection firm Apave.

In 2015, with over 2,000 people working to erect the buildings and facilities that make up the scientific installation, ITER will be one of the busiest construction sites in Europe.

Watch the video here.

Editor’s Note: All those who knew Nicolas Robic, Apave’s Health and Safety Coordinator for European Domestic Agency activities on the ITER worksite, will be particularly moved by his appearance in this video.