Iter council has been held in Washington DC

During its tenth meeting held on 20-21 June in Washington D.C., the ITER Council acknowledged a number of positive advancements for the project, noting, in particular, the progress of ITER construction and licensing.

The Council stressed that respecting the project schedule within cost remains a critical issue and that reported slippages need rapid correction; it also noted that the ITER Organization and the seven Domestic Agencies are working together on these corrections. Relative to schedule issues, decisions were taken regarding the manufacturing of some major ITER Tokamak components.

This meeting took place in the Ronald Reagan building, which is fitting given the fact that ITER was born out of the shared vision of Secretary General Gorbachev and President Reagan at the Geneva Summit in 1985. This ITER Council was the first chaired by Dr. Hideyuki Takatsu of Japan, who began his term as ITER Council Chair on 1 January 2012.

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