India will participate in upper port plug manufacturing

ITER-India and the ITER Organization signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the Common Manufacture of Port Plugs on 16 July 2013 during the Unique ITER Team week at ITER. This MoU enables the participation of India in the common manufacture of the upper port plug that includes the Generic Upper Port Plug (GUPP) and applicable customizations. ITER-India is responsible for providing Upper Port No. 9 Integration components, of which Upper Port Plug No. 9 is one of the components.

The main functions of the upper port plug are to hold the diagnostics in position, shield diagnostics from neutron streaming and act as the first closing boundary at the vacuum vessel port flange. This upper port plug will be a stainless steel structure of nearly 6 metres in length and a little more than 1 metre in width and height, weighing approximately 25 tons.