French police chief takes in actual dimension of project

As Director-General of the French police force, Claude Baland oversees more than 145 000 active police officers throughout the national territory.

„I’ve been following the ITER Project closely for many years,” he said after having visited the worksite on Thursday 20 February. „It is a beautiful venture and it was very important for me to see it with my own eyes and take in its actual physical dimension.”

Mr Baland’s interest in ITER is not that of a national police chief only. As a geography , his original profession, he confides that he is fascinated by issues such as how ITER fits into its surrounding territory; what kind of cultural interaction the project generates within its local environment, and what kind of professional, social and cultural practices men and women coming from 35 nations develop.

ITER Director-General Osamu Motojima, DDG Carlos Alejaldre and members of the Department for Safety, Quality & Security happily responded to these questions

Although he is a very busy man, the Director-General of the French police force would gladly, as he confided, „apply for an internship at ITER if [he] had more time.”