Cryostat crane now installed

On a drizzly Wednesday morning, employees from Danieli Centro Cranes installed the Cryostat Site Workshop gantry crane, which will be used to handle the components for the assembly of the cryostat sections.

The crane has a main hook that can lift 200 tons and an auxiliary hook with a 50-ton capacity. It will stand 18 metres high and travel on rails fixed to the floor, covering the entire workshop length of ~100 metres during the assembly process.

It took four mobile cranes and two hours to install the gantry crane. Danieli workers will complete the entire installation by mid-March and then run a series of load test procedures in May once the electrical components have been installed in the building and power is connected.

The Cryostat Workshop will be finished this summer after some remaining heating, ventilation, and air conditioning components are installed and finishing touches are put on the office buildings.

Then the workshop will be ready for the first cryostat components, due on the ITER site next year.