Council welcomes progress in construction and manufacturing

The ITER Council met for the twelfth time in its history on June 19-20 in Tokyo, Japan.

The meeting brought together senior representatives from the seven ITER Members—China, the European Union, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and the United States—under the chairmanship of Hideyuki Takatsu (Japan).

The Council took note of the increasing pace of construction activities on the ITER site and progress in the manufacturing of components and supporting systems, highlighting the fact that major contracts have been placed recently and many leading industries are now involved in ITER construction.

During the 12th ITER Council, significant progress was reported in the manufacturing of ITER magnets: over 420 tons of niobium-tin strand (Nb3Sn) for the toroidal field conductors (90 percent of project needs) and 133 tons of niobium-titanium (NbTi) strand for the poloidal field conductors (51 percent of project needs) have been produced to date.

The Council reaffirmed the importance of sustained efforts regarding schedule implementation, while recognizing the challenges due to the first-of-a-kind nature of ITER. In this context, the governing body of ITER welcomed improved collaboration between the ITER Organization and the Domestic Agencies as part of the Unique ITER team.

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