Русский День at ITER

Do Russians drink vodka for lunch? ITER DDG Alexander Alekseev made the point that they didn’t but Vladimir Pozdnyakov, Russia’s Consul General in Marseille, said he was „not so sure”, suggesting that they might, „just a little bit, on some special occasions…”

Vodka was the only thing Russian that was missing (along with Slavic melancholy) at the celebration of ITER’s Russia Day on Friday 19 July. For the rest, it was all there: the food, the songs, the dances, the images of Mother Russia…

More than 600 ITER staff and contractors participated in the event that Olga Star and Igor Sekachev had organized.

Experts on Russian singing and dancing (and there are at least 26 at ITER) assured that the five singers and dancers of Marseille’s Alliance franco-russe were among the best they had ever seen.

Vladimir Vlasenkov, Deputy Head of the Russian Domestic Agency, who was participating in the Unique ITER Team week at ITER, said „it [was] not very common, even for [him] to witness such a beautiful expression of Russian traditions.”
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